Faggioli and Bouduban are leaving for Pikes Peak

The Italian-Swiss team is preparing for its American challenge.

The Breaking news has become a reality taking a concrete and well-defined form. The project which has been in the dreams of Simone Faggioli and of the Swiss mate Fabien Bouduban, as well as all their family-team, now has an identity; it is called Norma M20 SF PKP. It is a prototype coming from the official collaboration with the French manufacturer N.A.C. – it has a biturbo engine by TF Tech and and it fits Pirelli tyres due to the strong official relationship with the Italian tire manufacturer.

The two cars have just started the long journey that will take them to Colorado for the free and official practices, facing directly at June 24th, the date of the famous Pikes Peak International Hillclimb Race. The entire team has been working with great commitment to be able to arrive at this moment, which was long awaited and that sanctions the participation of the two riders in an official and definitive way.

Many prestigious sports collaborations and “technical” partners wanted to support the ambitious project, the “Peak Challenge”, as everyone calls it in the Faggioli Racing Team. First of all Bardahl, a leading company in motorsport for the lubricants sector, already present this year with the team at the European FIA Hillclimb Championship.

Also HMS Motorsport, an American company distributing spare parts and accessories in the racing field, was immediately fascinated by the proposal. They will support the two drivers with logistic help and on-site equipment assistance.
VP Racing Fuels is the petrol brand that will allow the M20 SF PKP to fully express its potential along the Pikes Peak hairpin bends.

Finally Cape Horn will be the free-time brand for the team clothes. On the other side Erreà will be the technical clothing brand during the race program. The coordinated image of the drivers for overalls and helmets is respectively by OMP/ MaxiCar and Schuberth; the livery of the cars has been studied and created by Aldo Raveggi. Best Lap has been supporting Simone Faggioli for many years, so it will be with Faggioli himself and Bouduban for the entire duration of the event.

The Faggioli Racing Team program includes the participation to free as well as official practices that will start on June 19th.
Everything is now ready and the expectations for this project are high. The team attitude is positive: arriving at this point with the few (but professional) tools of this family size reality is already a great result itself.

The course itself is 19.93km long, and made up of 156 corners. Starting at an altitude of 2,865m above sea level, the summit is reach some 1,440m higher, giving the race it’s celebrated title “The race to the clouds.” Situated in Colorado, USA, it represents the toughest challenge for both competitors and machinery alike, the altitude alone can cause numerous difficulties, and weather conditions can vary dramatically at this legendary hillclimb.

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